Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christ, The Living Water

Today my reading has been in The New Testament, in The Gospel According to John. It was talking about how Christ is the Living Water so I decided to share my thoughts on this topic. I am sure there are many different meanings of this statement, but that is the wonderful thing about the scriptures is they mean different things on different days to us. This morning what kept sticking out to me is how Christ will always be there to fill us when we are feeling drained. The world today is full of so many things that offer to fill us or to satisfy our needs, but do these things last?

  In high school I was privileged enough to play sports with a group of well talented athletes that worked well together. We worked hard we had fun and we won. We were the first team to go through our high school to win a league title and a section championship. We were all so happy to have accomplished what we did, we did something that many classes before us had come very close to doing but never quite got there. So we felt really good about ourselves for a while. Then time passed and it wasn't quite as exciting, it was special, but life moves on. We can only look back on the memories we can't go back and do it again. But the gospel is a joy that we can we relive over and over. The good feelings that we feel we don't only have to look back and remember the good feelings and not do it again. We can do it again, everyday if we want it.

  Christ in this story is speaking to a Samaritan woman and asks her for a drink of water after a long journey. She asks Him, do you not realize I am different? Our people don't help each other and you want me to help you? And Jesus replies if I had a special gift would you like me to keep it from you? God is greater than all of us and He freely gives gifts to all of His children, and His gifts don't stop coming, they are there anytime we ask for them. They will follow like water from a well. God is there waiting for us to ask Him for help. His well will never run dry if we allow ourselves to seek His help. Unlike the things of the world that will bring happiness for a time, the joy we feel as God helps us in our live never has to stop. God doesn't care how long our journey has taken us away from Him, when we go looking He will be there with out stretched arms and with a buckets full of water to quench our thirst. Never let our spiritual well run dry my friends.

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