Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Because I Have Been Much

  The hymn I wish to talk about today is hymn 219 I Have Been Given Much. This is such a wonderful hymn because it causes me to think about all of the many wonderful gifts that I have been given. Each and everyday we are all blessed with soo many gifts that we notice and so many others that go by unnoticed. The songs talks about my glowing fire my loaf of my bread my roofs safe shelter over head and the need to share them with others. I know that those are all things that I am very grateful but too oft I don't give the thanks necessary for those gifts or share those gifts with others.

  What an important thing it is to share the gifts we have been given with others. At times this can be hard, because we think we don't have enough for ourselves how can we spare to share with others. When I begin to think like that my mind is drawn to the scriptures, the story of the widows mite, the story of the woman who gave food to the prophet and her food never ran out and she was able to provide for her family. The Lord is the one who gave us these blessings and He will always bless us with more especially if we are willing to help others with what we have been given. Each day that we live is a gift from God. The way that this amazing planet is set up where food grows, air is produced, we don't go floating away, we don't have huge predators trying to eat us we have homes to live and here in Wyoming I have become even more grateful for wood stoves and furnaces. We have it really easy compared to how things have been in the history of the world.

   I love the last verse to this song, how it talks of how we have been blessed by the love of Our Great Lord. Talks of how we must share that knowledge that we have of God's love. That we must share it by word and deed. It reminds me of something my mom would say to us growing up, "you say you love me now show me". She would say this because my brother and I often would have wrestling matches that she wasn't much of a fan of or we would be too rowdy and not listen to her. This was her way of getting us to claim down a little and start to listen again. We live in a world with so much information out there and yet there are still people that don't know that our Father in Heaven loves them. They may not know of the ultimate gift given for all of man kind, Our Savior Jesus Christ. None of us could make it back into the presence of our great maker without that gift. We are so lucky to be in this great time of year to share this message with others that even though we may not have enough money to help someone by buying gifts or toys, but we can help them by sharing the message of Jesus Christ with. I know we all have many gifts and talents that God has given us just to help others so lets share them.

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  1. Kevin--your mom gave me the address of your blog and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading every one of your entries! Your messages of God's blessings and your experiences are inspirational to me (although I'm glad you made it through that appendix thing so well!).

    In addition to our lives being so much easier than they were in the past and our need to be grateful to God for this, life is also easier for Mormon missionaries than it was in the past--just recall the movie "This Side of Heaven"! I'll bet your parents are really grateful for that. I wish you a very Merry Christmas as you continue to serve Him whom we celebrate this holy season, and I will continue to enjoy your frequent entries. God bless, Tony Albertoni