Sunday, December 12, 2010

Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy

  The hymn on my mind today is hymn number 335 from the LDS Hymnal called "Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy". This hymn is talking about a light house from above that guides those that are lost at sea to safety. The way that it has been explained to me is there are two sets of lights on a beach. There is an upper and a lower set and if you can line up the two lights it you can be guides safely into the harbor. The need to have these lights together is because there can be many obstacles as one tries to make there way to the shore that can be seen during the day but cannot be seen at night such as coral or rocks or other things that aren't friendly to boats. So both sets of lights are of great importance. I think of the higher light as God and the lower lights as those that God has sent to guide His children. So I was trying to get the words and I can't seem to figure it out how to get the words on here so go look it up, its really good!! The words can be found at and type in hymn 335 and it will get you there.

  God is this higher light, He wants to help and lead us.There are some things that He has to let us do by ourselves or we would never learn. One of the greatest things about God is He won't leave us alone, He will always be there to guide us along so we can make it back safely to the harbor, or Heaven. We can look back on history and see that God has a pattern, and that is calling prophets to the earth to help us. We all face times where we are in the dark and we can't seem to find our way by ourselves, can't find our way past or through the rocks. We can however look for the lights that He places into our lives to help us. God is a God of justice, but His bowls are also full of mercy. Man, I really wish I could get that song on here. Well when you listen to it, put yourself in that situation, that you are lost out at sea and you are relying on these lights to bring you safely home. As we get those things of darkness out of our hearts and minds it will loosen satans grasp on us and we can make it back safe.These things in life are too hard to do alone. The risks are to great and the journey is too hard. I have heard a pretty cool way to look at over coming darkness.You and bring a light into a room full of darkness and it will case away a great deal of darkness, but you can't bring a thing of darkness into a room and make it dark you must remove the source of light first. After all Christ says I am the light and life of the world. So let us all look to that great light and be saved.



  1. Merry Christmas, Elder House, from your "family" in Hamilton!!! Love, Brother and Sister Wischmeier

  2. This is an awesome post! The Lord really is the light that is always there guiding us home.