Saturday, December 4, 2010

O the Cunning Plan of the evil One

  There was a talk given by M. Russel Ballard this last years October general conference and he gave an amazing talk on, "O the Cunning Plan of the Evil One". The whole talk was great, but there are a few points that I would like to focus on. He began by talking of a fly fisherman. Elder Ballard talks of how experienced fly fishermen study the fish, find out what they like, what they what they hunger after. They, the fishermen, make artificial lures to help deceive the fish, make them think it is food but in reality it is a way to hook or trap us. Lucifer is the same way. Here is how is relates the two:
"The use of artificial lures to fool and catch a fish is an example of the way Lucifer often tempts, deceives, and tries to ensnare us.
Like the fly fisherman who knows that trout are driven by hunger, Lucifer knows our “hunger,” or weaknesses, and tempts us with counterfeit lures which, if taken, can cause us to be yanked from the stream of life into his unmerciful influence. And unlike a fly fisherman who catches and releases the fish unharmed back into the water, Lucifer will not voluntarily let go. His goal is to make his victims as miserable as he is."

Elder Ballard goes on to say many more things on this topic so I challenge you to look it up and read or watch it after you are done reading at Satan is real, he tries his best to tempt us all each and everyday. I know it is hard to resist these temptations at times, but God will give us the strength we need to over come and resist these temptations. We need to always remember to have a prayer in our hearts try to keep good clean thoughts.  He has given men power to claim raging seas, move mountains, walk on water, power to make it through impossible situations, so He can and will give us strengthen.

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