Saturday, November 6, 2010


So, as missionaries at times it is like we live out of suit cases because of these transfers. They come every 6 weeks with the possibility of having to move to a new area. We can be in an area anywhere from 6 weeks up to 6 or more months. They come on Friday morning of week 6 of the 6 week cycles. So on these days we continue on with our normal morning routine, which on Fridays after we study we plan for the next week. We will look over our week talk about the people we visited , talk about how the appointment went, talk about what they may be struggling with and how we can help them. Then we come up with a list of people to see the next week. This usually takes a good hour. So then we eat lunch and wait for the calls and be out of the house by 1pm. As missionaries we like to try and guess where we will go or if we will go and its a lot of fun to see if we are right or not. The way the decision is made if we leave or not is between the mission president and the Lord. The mission president puts in a lot of prayerful pondering on if we should go and where. This Friday is when we, Elder Goff and I, got the call. We found out we are both staying in Worland and we have the great chance to keep teaching the wonderful people of Worland, Wyoming. We will have the chance to keep working with the people we have tried so hard to find and spent so much time praying over and trying to help. We are both very excited for this chance we have to keep work here.

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