Friday, November 26, 2010


Today I wanted to write about what I think of this whole blogging thing... When we were first heard about the facebook idea, I didn't know what to think. I knew are TONS of people on facebook and lots of people use these blogs, so I knew they must be good so I thought I should give it a try. I must say that even though I haven't had very many chances to teach people on line, I have enjoyed writing about my experiences and sharing them with all that read this. Growing up I was never much of a writer, or even a talker for that matter.. I liked to keep to myself, there were times that I would be real talkative but not often. My mission has changed that! My mission has become one of the most important things that I have personaly done, it means the world to me! The amount I have learned and grown in these 19 months I have been out here I didn't know it was possible to learn and grow this much! But I am living proof the Lord can help us with all of our weaknesses. I have learned to develop such a greater trust in Him and a love for all of Gods children. I hope these blogs are helping someone out there and if not they have helped me a lot to be able to express and share my thoughts. If there are any topics out there that anyone would like me to share my personal testimony or how a point of the Gospel has helped me in my life and I would love to write about it to help someone out there. Thank you all for your love support and prayers they really do help and they mean a lot to me. God Bless!

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