Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today I am Grateful for...

 Well, today I am thankful for the chance I have to work with great missionaries who love the Lord. In the mission there are leaders that go on team ups or exchanges with some of the other missionaries. These are usually done once per transfer. So what we do is, we, the leaders, will either go  to the area that the elders cover or we will have them come to our area. When we do this we treat it like any other day but we just work with a different missionary in a different area. This is a lot of fun and a good experience because you are able to help each other. There have been times that I have seen that different missionaries can connect differently with different people. So at times this can be a great help if you don't know how to help the person you are teaching, and while on these team ups you can say something in a different way which cause people to think differently. We know this is true because no two people are the same, so people, or in this case missionaries are able to help each other because we are different. We also know that a good leader is one who can motovate others. As we look at the life of the greatest teacher and example ever, Jesus Christ, we see how he was able to lead so many people, that people flocked to Him so that He could help them. Thats what we try to do as leaders is to help other missionaries. To help members and none members alike. To help them know that they have great purpose to their lives and that Our Father in Heaven Loves them! We should all try to help those that we are to look after, or to lead by example. There are many great ways to help those around us!

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