Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today Iam grateful for...

 Well, what is on my mind today is the Lord's timing! So times it can be a bit frustrating waiting for answers to our prayers but other times it can be such a great blessing, because He knows A LOT more than we do! The reason this is my topic today is because of an experience form yesterday. We were on team ups and we tried someone at the very time the Lord wanted us to. So each night we plan out what we want to do the next day. So we have planners that we write all of this down in. The planner breaks down to every half hour of the day. So we try to fill the day with enough people to see where we have as little idle time as possible. This would be awesome if it as worked out that everyone we planned to see was always home when we have planned to see them but this is not the case. You come to learn really fast as a missionary that people have lives, that they don't all sit around and wait for us to stop by. So like most days as a missionary we burned through a list of 9 people, ideally 5 hours worth of people, in about 45 minutes. So then we were left to that wonderful time where we look at each other and say well, I'm out of ideas what do you want to do and the other replys I don't know what do you want to do?! Lucky yesterday the Lord gave us a wonderful idea to go to a nursing home. As soon as we walked through the doors a woman stopped us and said, we were just talking about you! Music to our ears!! So we began to talk with them and the woman working there told us how they were just talking about us and how they wished we would stop by to visit with this woman, and sure enough we showed up. Wow!! Those are such awesome moments when they happen. So we go and visit and she was telling us how she had been trying to get ahold of someone to come see her but had had no luck. Then we just come walking through the doors as an answer to her prayers. I am here to tell all of you that this woman had been praying for someone to come and visit and had been doing it for a while and those prayers were answered. Not by our good thinking but because of the help of the Lord. He wants to help all of us, so in order for him to do that we must ask Him!!! Then wait for Him to answer, because sometimes the way He answers is a knock at the door or someone walking past you. The people we were going to see at the nursing home weren't even there that day, but we were still able to help because we listened to the promptings of the spirit. The Lord may even use us as answers to others prayers. My prayer for all of you is that you will be able to have the Lord answer your prayers and that you can be answers to others prayers.

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