Friday, November 12, 2010

Today I am Grateful for...

 Today what has been on my mind most is the wonderful members that take the time and the effort to feed us. On our missions we live on a pretty tight budget. Here in this mission we live on 135 dollars a month. This is to cover all of food, laundry, new clothes (ties), stamps for letters or whatever else it is that we need to pay for. Near the end of the month, things tend to get pretty tight. Lucky enough for us though is that there are wonderful members of the church, and even people that aren't members of our church that sign up to feed us dinners. This is such a wonderful blessing to us. It is a blessing in more ways then just us not having to buy our meal, but because then we can begin to build friendships. There are quite a few very fun memories I have from being able to spend time with members, they begin to become our home away from home and those friends that we can go talk to when things are going as good as we would like them to. I have memories from when the missionaries would come over to my house when I was young and it was always a fun time. We know that it can be burdensome to have two extra mouths to feed, but I know we as missionaries are always so grateful to be invited into peoples home. So that is my entry for today, is how truly grateful I am for all of the wonderful support of all those that take the time to feed us and even talk to us.  I know the Lord will and does bless all those that take the time to help out the missionaries.

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