Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today I am Grateful to be out of the Hospital

Today I must say I am grateful to be out of the hospital! The hospital is a great place to be taken care of, but I am very grateful to get out and get some fresh air!! I didn't know when I was going to get out of the hospital so yesterday when the nurse told me I could leave I got really excited! So now I get to sit at home (where I have learned to call home for now, I'm not actually in California) where I can at least get to look out of different windows and get to get away from the people who are going through much worse things than what I am going through. This was my first experience staying over night in the hospital and I'm not sure if there is any other place other than a small town like Worland that I would like to spend in a hospital because there were so many nice people that came to visit me! Now that I am out of the hospital I am so excited to get back out and share the gospel. I know that I need to rest for a while but just getting out of the hospital brings me that hope that I am in fact getting better and I will be good as new very soon!! As I reflect on the person I used to be, I wasn't lazy but I did enjoy a day off every now and then. Now that I am on a mission I am able to realize that my boss now has a very tight deadline so I need to get back up and running to help His children find that piece of the truth they didn't know they were searching for. I know that the Lord loves each and everyone of us and that He will help us fulfill our righteous actions.

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