Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Strength from Above

What I am grateful for today is how much help the Lord has given me through these last couple of weeks. I am feeling so much better now in such a short amount of time. This week I went to church and was able to sit through the whole meeting with no trouble. Afterwards, we were able to go out and even see a few people. During my down time, I started to re read the New Testament. I have really loved going back and reading it in greater portions than I have before. This time, I have been trying to read it as if I were there in person, listening to the words Jesus had for the people He was speaking to. I  have been trying to hear the joy in His voice as He would help and teach others.Also, to try and understand the pain He must of felt as He saw the people in their disbelief.  The great faith that Christ had in these people, the great hope He had in all of them was truly beyond what we can comprehend. As I read, I caught a glimpse of how many people He healed without them even being in His presence. He fed thousands of people and all He asked in return was to follow Him and  to keep His commandments. What an amazing man, He served His whole life, helped thousands of people, and eventually gave His life for all so that all mankind could be saved. I hope that as I keep reading, that I maybe be able to understand that Jesus Christ has that same faith in me, and for everyone else in the world. Let us all try a little harder to gain faith and to thank the heavens for the strength to do all the things the Lord would have us do. 

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