Saturday, February 5, 2011

Falling From the Sky

 Today, we were going around the raining icy city of Glendive making visits when we started to talk to an older gentleman with a heck of a life story. I have really learned to love talking with those with far more life experience than me, because there are so many lessons that we can learn from them. The lesson we were taught today was about things falling from the sky. The story started with him telling us a little about his early days of joining the army and some of the things he was able to do, which was quite a bit because he spent over 30 years in the service of this great country.

  He was telling us about how one of his jobs was to train the newer members in his group to listen to what is going on around you, which in his case could be very difficult because there were lots of distractions all around. But he was saying at first you can hear bombs or whatever it may have been falling, but it took a little while to figure out which way it was coming from, and which way to go to get away. After talking with him we could tell he must have done a pretty good job at getting out of the way, because he is still here to tell the tell. As he was telling us about his experiences I was thinking, hm... I'm going to blog on that, a phrase that I never would have come to my head that now comes fairly often.

  The reason I wanted to blog about this is because, though we may not be in the military service we still have things falling all around or popping up that are trying to knock us out, distract us, or even to harm us. Those come from the adversary, because he doesn't want us to succeed, he desperately wants us to fail so we cannot enter into the presence of the Father again, but lucky for us is we have signs or clues all around to help us to know when these bad things are coming and ways to keep us from falling into these storms, and the greatest way or thing that we have to protect us, is Jesus Christ.

  I am often taken back when I pause to think about Christ and the perfect life He lived. He was faced with the same temptations that we all are but He came out spotless. I have wondered, well of course He did He is perfect so it was just easier for Him, but I have recently come to realize, that it was easier for Him, He was just able to truly live the way He asks us to live. Jesus followed what the scriptures teach and He must have prayed more than anyone can imagine. I have noticed in my own life, as I strive to keep a prayer in my heart those temptations because easier to withstand. I am not saying that I am no longer faced with them; it’s just far easier with the Lords help. It helps me to get a warning, a “hey heads ups there is going to be some land mines ahead or the hell fire is about to start falling some the sky,” and He light up a path for me to escape safely. Those safe paths are out there for all of us, we just have to listen to the Master teacher and learn how to get away safely. I know that The Lord will teach us how to get away if we are willing to listen. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


  1. its so true, if we just try and pay attention to all the things around us that the spirit is warning us of, our journey through this life will be a lot more peaceful! even though we will ALWAYS face challenges, he does help us get through the storm!

  2. Christ is our ultimate line of defense. He will always be there to support us, lift us, aid us, and do all he can so we can make it to safety.