Thursday, March 17, 2011

99 Yards

  I recently read a talk called 99 yards. It was a great talk talking about how important it is to finish something. The story goes there is a football team in a championship game, and like it is in many key games they were down by a few short points, a touchdown would win the game but there was only short amount of time left in the game so it was going to take a team effort. There they go, determinded to win. They have a few good plays, a good pass up the field, a few good runs, first down after first down. Then here is where they have been wanting to be, 4th and goal from the one yard line with 10 seconds left. Down by 3, field goal ties the game or go for the win! The team was confident, they knew they wanted to win, so they went for it! The pads crashed the whistle blew, one team is calling for the touchdown the other says no good. The pile clears and the referee says no good.

 This is one of that sad but true stories of life. Where we are left to wonder did they, or did you, give it your all? Did you do all that you could with what you posses? We all have things in your life where as sad as it is this is what we are left to wonder... These feeling of regret are so hard to get rid of, thats why it is so important to give life your best shot! To do everything you can with as much effort as you can, excuses are a dime a dozen, but true effort is hard to find. You are the only one that will know if you did all you can, just like this team is the only one that will know. Sure we don't always get the results we desire but but we better do all we can so we don't have to face that all fearful question of, was that my best? Christ set the bar high as He suffered for each of us. He knew that we couldn't do it without some help. So, since He was willing to do it all perfect, do you think we could step it up when it comes to the small things? Very few notice the small things that go past each day, but nothing goes unnoticed in Gods eyes, so we can all have a great victory each day, if we do our best to make it the full 100 yards.

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