Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sunshine in our soul

Well, the title today is because I was think just how lucky we are to have another day. The weather here in Wyoming is changing already. The sun is coming up later and later and it is cooler in the mornings then its been. Each morning we wake up at 6.30am. And now the sun isn't up when we get up so its fun to wait until it comes up so we can wait for this new day. And we know the one who controls these new days is God. And i have been thinking what joy that must be for God when He raises the sun. I know He has been doing it longer than we can even imagine but the joy that must bring as He brings light and warmth into the world He created for us. And we know He can bring that same warmth and light into our lives with His Gospel. We, missionaries, study the scriptures for 2 hours each morning and it is able to warm up our spirits and to lighten up our day to help us through lifes tests each day. The same way the sun lights those darkened areas and brings that warmth and light that all of man kind needs. So we should all do our best to study from Gods Holy Word and brighten our days and warm our spirits. So we may not be able to control when the sun comes out, but we can always bring that sunshine into our souls by studying His word.

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  1. That is my absolute favorite song! Glad I came across this today, I really needed it!