Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Lord will give us rest

So the thought today is from Matthew 11:28-30. These verses are such wonderful examples of how much the Lord Loves us. He tell us if we are going through hard times, if our burdens are becoming to heavy to bear by ourselves to come to Him and he will give us rest. What this means today is repentance. The world world can be a hectic place that is moving so fast that at times we are caught up in the race, and at times this means that we have fallen into temptation. Which causes us great feeling of sorrow and remorse. But we can be forgiven!! What a joy that is! This scripture talks of how to learn of Him, so we can learn of His infinite love, care, and mercy. He will give us rest from these burdens if we allow Him to. So we must ask for forgiveness and feel sorry and turn away from those things that are causing us to do wrong. One of my favorite ways to describe repentance is change. The Lord has so many blessing for us. He just want us to do as this scriptures says and turn to Him and rest our burdens upon Him and become better and share this good news with others so they can experience the same joy we do. I love the Lord and I know He can and will forgive us.

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