Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Mission so far...

Well, i got this idea from my current companion Elder Goff, and that is to tell a little about each companion and area so far. I started my mission in Miles City, Montana. That's where I was "Trained." What this means is because I was fresh from home they put me with a missionary that had more experience in the mission field. His name was Elder Fischer, he is from North Carolina. So we both spent close to 3 months in Miles City and during that time we had a lot of fun. We got to meet a lot of wonderful people and make a lot of memories. Then after that i was moved to Hamilton, MT. I was then companions with Elder Conway from Southern Utah. We were together for about 6 weeks, and we also had a lot of fun. But we had to ride bikes and that was my first time riding bikes in quite a while and we lived at the top of a hill so it took me a few weeks to get in shape because i was hurting pretty good. Then i was teamed up with a missionary from Honduras named Elder Vallejo. We had lots of fun together as well but when we were together that's when winter hit and it was pretty darn cold. I am from central CA and we get a little chilly in the winter time but no snow, so that was quite the change for me. Then off to Clinton. I spent about 6 months there and had a blast. I served with Elder Cassaro from CA and Elder Mortenson from south east AZ. We had lots of fun there. Since i spent a lot of time there and its a pretty small area i knew a lot of people in that area. Then from the smaller town to the bigger cities. I left Clinton for Bozeman to serve with Elder Stewart from AZ. I got there in April so i figured the winter was over, but to my surprise we got snow about every week i was there which made it interesting because we rode bikes there too. So after my short stay in Bozeman i went to the capital city of Helena to serve with Elder Butler from CA. We learn what a joy it is to live and ride bikes in a town that no matter which way you turned the wind was always in our faces, but it was not all bad because it was summer time and we were both on the sweaty side of things for most of our stay. Then it was off to Laurel, MT for me to serve with Elder Willey from Georgia. That was another fun stop. We tried real hard and saw some successes, but made a great friendship. Then Elder Brunson from lonely northern Nevada. The reason i say lonely is because if it weren't for I 80 running through there, there would be even less to do. We had a lot of fun in Laurel too. Then for my current post of Worland, WY to serve with Elder Goff from toasty southern Nevada. We came out on our missions at the same time so we had met before so it was like catching up with an old friend. So that's my journey thus far and i love it!!

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