Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Book of Mormon

  Today I would like to talk about one of my favorite books, and that is the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is a volume of holy scripture comparable with the Holy Bible. It is the evidence that Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet, because if the Book of Mormon is true than Joseph Smith is a Prophet because Joseph did not write the Book of Mormon he translated it by the power of God.

  The Book of Mormon liked the title says, it is indeed another testament of Jesus Christ. It tells of the ancient people in this, the American content. It begins around 600 years before Christ was even born. It tells of Gods dealings with the people who lived here and of their prophets and the people that lived here and the ways that God was able to help them. It starts by telling of a family that had to leave Jerusalem because it was about to be destroyed. So they left and God was able to guide them to eventually come over to the Americas. It tells of this peoples rise and fall. How when they would listen to the prophets they were blessed and were able to prosper and when they rejected the prophet they had hard times.

  I could go on and on talking about what is contained in the Book of Mormon but it would be much better if you read it yourself because these men truly were inspired by God to write the the very words they did, because they are able to help us out so much today. God has spoken again to prophets and as He always does, God won't force us to listen, He puts the information out there and wants us to do a bit of testing and come to find out for ourselves if things are true by asking Him. Like I have talked about prayer before, that is the only way to know if something is true or not, is by going to the ultimate source of truth, God, and ask Him. And to not take another person's word for it who may of read the Book of Mormon, is go strait to the source and check it out for yourself. I know these things are true because I have asked for myself, and God told me, Elder Kevin House that the Book of Mormon was true. And because the Book of Mormon is true that means that Joseph Smith is a prophet and all that he was able to do to restore the church is to help us out today. I know this will work if you try it. I say this is the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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  1. The Book of Mormon truly does draw one closer to Christ. It helps us to answer the questions of the soul. Questions like is there a God? What does Jesus Christ expect of me? Is there life after death? So many questions that the Book of Mormon can answer. Read it. Pray about it. Come to know it is true for yourself. Awesome post Elder!